Proper engineering is essential to the creation of a soapstone sink. Rod Zander shapes the sink base to speed all water toward the drain. He pays particular attention to the placement and finishing of seams, removing concerns of harbored bacteria. Subtle details like these add effortless enhancement and efficiency to your daily tasks.
Rod Zander has extensive experience creating both traditional and innovative sink styles. You will have a full array of custom elements at your disposal. His sinks can be sized to your needs and your style, varying in scale between oversized laundry style sinks to small unobtrusive and convenient prep sinks. Rod has sink styles suitable for kitchens, laundry rooms and greenhouses. He creates both counter integrated sinks, and freestanding sinks with legs. Another element of design is the front face of the sink. Farm sink styles, available with either an angled or flat front, create an emphasis and interplay with the soapstone of the back splash, while counter inset sinks create a strong unbroken line where the cabinets and counters meet.
Rod Zander is also able to homogeneously integrate sinks of alternate materials in either over or under counter placements.