The Rod Zander Philosophy

Selecting the correct materials for your home is an important step, but other factors have equal impact. Conscious design will lend grace and ease to all of your kitchen movements, and a master's understanding of details will elevate a good kitchen to an extraordinary living space.

About the Designer

For over two decades, Rod Zander has been designing and constructing exceptional soapstone sinks and countertops. His construction techniques yield functionality far beyond the scope of a manufactured counter or sink. He interprets the intent of your project using extraordinary details such as raised lip edges, hand carved delta drain boards, and ground-in drain baskets. These options let you focus on what's important in the kitchen and enhance the functionality of the counter. He holds his work to rigorous standards in order to honor his values of green construction and sustainable living. Rod Zander's soapstone counters and sinks will create the legacy of enduring elegance and beauty for the lifetime of your home.